Cardiac Science Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System (N.T Operating System) With Treadmill (Reconditioned)

Cardiac Science Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System (N.T Operating System) With Treadmill (Reconditioned)



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Cardiac Science Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System (N.T Operating system)

The Cardiac Science Q-Stress is the hospital industry’s gold standard. The PC-based cardiac stress system, winner of multiple awards (most recently Frost & Sullivan’s Market Engineering Award) is now in its ninth generation.

Q-Stress is designed with you in mind. Its easy-to-learn left-to-right workflow and simple-to-understand icons and intuitive controls guide technicians through the stress test. Busy stress labs use QuikLists to enter comments quickly and efficiently.

Our proprietary algorithm, baseline wander, and motion artifact filters reduce noise and produce clean ECG tracings even at high speeds and steep grades. Perfect for pharmacological stress tests as well. Patients will appreciate getting the best test results the first time.


In-test review of stress testing data that includes “rewind” and “freeze frame” capabilities (both industry firsts) while still viewing the live test.
Ectopic capture and display for heartbeats outside the sinoatrial node.
Fully customizable panel display, plus the flexibility to add your own user-defined protocols.
Risk scoring, procedural re-analysis, and extensive report formatting options.
Warranty: 13-Month parts and labor.


Ease of use. The system?s Microsoft Windows compatibility (Vista or XP), left-to-right flow, and intuitive controls guide users through the procedure.
Accuracy. Tracings are accurate and clear, with clean waveforms even at high speeds and steep grades.
Instant replay. The Freeze Frame option allows you to “rewind” and view any section of any lead during the test.
Full disclosure. With the full disclosure option, you can save the entire cardiac stress test as a PDF and store it to your electronic records repository.
Easy analysis. Built-in analysis tools allow modifications for new patient data or for physiologic changes ? resting cardiac data remains constant for comparison.
Customizable. You decide how you want your patient’s cardiac test data presented. Create custom reports based on physician’s preference. Easy reporting. QuikLists enable fast, efficient preparation of your reports.

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