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Monitoring heart’s rhythm is made easy, as ReadMyHeart 2.0 takes measurements at any time, in any place, whether it’s while eating in a restaurant, after exercising in a fitness center, or after taking a specific drug.

ReadMyHeart is a personalized, non-invasive, handheld heart monitoring device designed especially for individual and family use. It is not diagnostic in nature, but only for recording. It allows users to measure and record electrical signals from the heart are obtained by placing thumbs on ReadMyHeart’s specially designed conducting plates without using any complicated wires or coducting gel. ReadMyHeart takes 30 seconds for each measurement. The device will record 15 seconds of the “Modified ECG signal” and instantly display the average of 3 parameters on the LCD display: the average heart rate (HR), ST segment and QRS interval. These parameters are not the traditional standard ECG readings, but rather, a “Modified Lead I-ECG”. ReadMyHeart can transfer all recorded measurements to a personal computer through USB connection for easy viewing, managing and printing of ECG recordings.


Patented dry conduction thumb electrodes
Single lead ECG (15 seconds, 30 memories)
Heart Rate (HR)
ST Segment (ST)
QRS Interval (QRS)
Software included for management and analysis
Later print the trends in heart activity to help your physician detect CardioVascular Diseases
Standard USB connection
Includes auxiliary external electrode cable and carrying pouch
Internet Transmission
Why pay more for functionality that you don’t need?
2 year extended warranty available for $ 299
Extended warranty plans available including free loaners and our exclusive Rapid Response Service


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