Schiller Cardiovit AT-102 Stress System w/ Treadmill & Cart (Spiro Option)

Schiller Cardiovit AT-102 Stress System w/ Treadmill & Cart (Spiro Option)

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The CARDIOVIT AT-102 has it all! The most important Cardiopulmonary Function Tests are combined in one single device:

Resting ECG
Exercise ECG
Spirometry (optional)


Intuitive, easy use with direct function keys
12-channel Resting ECG
Automatic ECG measurement and computer-aided ECG interpretation for pediatric and adult ECGs (optional)
Thrombolysis (optional)
Serial data transfer to PC for storage of both Resting ECG and Spirometry recordings
XML data Transfer for Resting ECG to PC or Information Systems via Ethernet or modem interfaces (optional)
A4-formatted (8.5 x 11 inches) printouts on internal or external printer
Basic Exercise test capability (optional)
Possibility for external monitor connection (optional)
SCHILLER filter technology
SEMA-200 PC software to save, validate and archieve ECG and spirometry data on PC (optional)
Vacuum electrode system VAC-100 (optional)

Operating Elements:

Resting ECG

Integrated 3-channel monitor
Alphanumeric keyboard
Direct keys for the most important functions
Easy Print: Integrated high-resolution A4 thermal printer, subsequent print-out on thermoreactive paper possible
Interface for external printer for A4 printouts on regular paper
Internal memory for up to 40 records
Interface for data-transmission

Exercise ECG

RS-232 port for peripheral devices such as treadmills, bicycles etc.
For exercise ECG, several standard protocols are available for bicycle and treadmill ergometers; the user can either select a standard protocol from a table or define a new protocol
J-point settings: J+20,+40,+60,+80 ms; default: +60 ms
Blood pressure (Blood pressure measurement: Automatic if a bicycle contains an interface for the blood pressure transfer or manual)

10-sec. printout: A 10-sec. printout can be initiated at any time on the internal thermal printer


Unique disposable sensor SP-250 minimizes the risk of contamination
SP-260 with reusable sensor
Simple and fast calibration
Memory for up to 40 records
Inspiratory and exspiratory tests; pre and post medication tests
– Selectable predicted value tables
– Real-time curves and measurement
information on the large screen

Option: Special trolley for mobile operation

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