Quinton 9500 Stress, Wall, USB, Std LCD, AHA

Quinton 9500 Stress, Wall, USB, Std LCD, AHA



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For hospitals and physician clinics challenged by a lack of space for diagnostic equipment, the Quinton 9500 Series cardiac stress test systems allow clinicians to perform stress testing conveniently and in a greater variety of settings. You’ll love the unique design, compact footprint, and wireless capabilities!

Choose the Quinton 9500 Stress Test System for a unique wall mount ? or ? the Quinton 9550 Stress Test System for a mobile cart with ample storage space.


Stress Test ? Treadmill
Stress Test ? Bicycle
Stress Test ? Pharmacological
Resting 12-lead ECG with Interp


Space-saving design
Wireless data acquisition between patient and workstation
Advanced connectivity
Shared patient database
Intuitive one-button navigation
Optional touch screen
Warranty: 1-year on-site parts and labor


Revolutionary design. A custom ergonomic design means faster, easier workflow and more staff efficiency.
Convenience. Wireless data acquisition means safety, comfort, and confidence for patients and staff. More flexibility in how you lay out your stress testing room!
Ease of use. Our modern, flexible user interface gives you easy access to powerful tools to help you expedite your work.
Advanced networking. CareCenter MD OfficeNet provides access to complete test data across the network; access all patient data and results from every location in the system with no data re-entry. Easy consultations. Optional CareCenter MD Online gives you the opportunity to make even faster clinical decisions while viewing multiple live high-risk stress tests within your network.
Shared patient database. A single, shared patient database means results are available throughout your network, with or without an electronic medical records system (EMR).
Flexibility. Modify and save screen views on the fly. Select the report format that works best for you.
EMR connectivity. Save, review, and combine permanent patient records in your EMR via HeartCentrix or HL7.
Confidence. Physicians trust the Burdick? and Quinton? product lines with more than 65,000 devices delivering proven performance in many clinical environments.



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