Schiller SEMA Light ECG Data Management Software

Schiller SEMA Light ECG Data Management Software

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Archiving and reviewing functions for Resting ECG, Exercise ECG, Spirometry and Resting Rhythm
Editing and validation of patient data, measurement values and interpretation statements
Centralized digital storage increases availability of data and storage efficiency
Printout of recordings in diagnostic quality on a normal office printer lessens demand of filing cabinets and thermal paper
Fits seamlessly into all current PC based networks with clients that can be installed on any PC running Windows 2000 or XP Professional


Integration with the SCHILLER diagnostic units AT-104 PC, AT-110 and CS-200, which all act as SEMA clients for direct access to patients and diagnostic recordings
Data transfer via RS-232 interface from SCHILLER ECG and Spirometry units
Data transfer of Resting ECG in XML format via Ethernet from SCHILLER ECG units with the SCHILLER Communication Module (SCM)
Seamless integration with MT-200 and MT-300 allows for additional archiving and reviewing of Ambulatory Holter ECG and Ambulatory Blood Pressure recordings
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system integration via GDT and XML interfaces


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